Resource Review: The Barefoot Investor for Families

When The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape was published in 2017, I heard about it everywhere and so grabbed myself a copy in paper and audio editions.  I read the book, listened to the audiobook (read by Scott himself), joined a facebook groups where the concepts were discussed, subscribed to the Barefoot emails....  And yes, I opened the ING accounts!  The books are less than $20 each (new), and are also available as ebooks and audiobooks.

We didn't implement all of the ideas in the book - a lot of the Barefoot steps we were already doing, or didn't apply to us.  The way Scott simply and humorously laid out the strategies he suggests made it easy to implement a few easy changes which meant instantly increased savings, decreased expenses, and reaching goals more quickly.  Reassuringly, he reminds readers often to "tread your own path."

I bought this book for some of my younger siblings and adult children, I loved it so much!  I've heard back from most of them that there was at least one gem in the book that's made a difference in their lives.  And I've watched them buy new cars, save for renovations, go on overseas holidays and build their savings for bigger goals.

The Barefoot Investor for Families hit the shelves in 2018 and of course I grabbed a copy.  Then I grabbed a couple to gift to people I love (it was Christmastime and I'm always keen to give practical gifts!)  I introduced aspects of the book to my two teens still living at home, and I implemented the jar system with my youngest when she was 3 years old.

I found the Families book as down-to-earth and practical as Scott's first book, but it wasn't as life-changing for us, personally.  This is probably because of the ages of our children at the time.  It gave me some great step-by-step methods to use when sharing financial lessons with my kids, and practical examples and exercises.  The printable checklists and other info were great resources to use with the teens, and like in Scott's first book, very easy infographics helped to explain concepts and remind us of the basics.  I look forward to continuing to use Scott's methods with Zeah as she grows into a financially literate and empowered young woman!

If you weren't swept up in the Barefoot frenzy a couple of years ago, I urge you to look into these books and audiobooks.  I refer to them in my Organised Homeschool course because I wholeheartedly recommend The Barefoot Investor.


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