Resource Review: The Brave Learner

I've been listening to The Brave Learner on audible for a few weeks now, and I'm really enjoying it!  As I listen to each chapter, I'm thinking "Yes!"  Julie Bogart succinctly describes the learning adventure our family have lived for the past last 25+ years.  To hear her describe how she learned to create a rich learning environment (and lifestyle) for her children, and trusted their choices and abilities is a beautiful reminder of how our own home education journey was also heart-centred and adventure-driven.  Would I make the same choices again?  Absolutely!  I am, with Zeah who is 4 and will have a different experience to her siblings aged 16-26, but hopefully it will be as full of fun and love and help her to grow to be independent and brave adults like her siblings (she's already quite brave!)

Want to hear more?  The Brave Learner is on Audible (your first title is free).  It's also available as a paperback for around AUD$25 - check Booko for the latest best price including postage.

Here is the Brave Learner section of Julie Bogart's blog, and The Brave Writer (Julie's business) has a Facebook page here.  You can download a FREE 90 page companion to The Brave Learner here (really useful if you're listening to the audio version only).

If you want to create an atmosphere of learning and raise inquisitive minds in a relaxed and happy home, I highly recommend this book!



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