Building Confidence

encouragement Nov 17, 2023

Confidence is a feeling of wellbeing and calm, and belief in yourself as an educator.

Homeschool Confidently is about building confidence - sharing good news stories, fun and useful resources and ideas, and little bits of encouragement across various platforms.  In my 1:1 sessions and groups I break down the overwhelming task of homeschooling into manageable activities.  I'm here to boost your confidence.  There are many other homeschool coaches and mentors like me - and I recommend you find someone further along the journey to encourage you.

What are some other ways you can gain confidence as a homeschooler?

READ books about homeschooling.  Anything by John Holt (classic), Julie Bogart, John Grey, or Laura Grace Weldon is a good start.  There are audiobooks, ebooks, library books, international books, Australian books - there are SO many books to encourage you as an educator!

TALK to other homeschooling parents - in person, online - it doesn't matter, just have real discussions with others who are doing what you're doing.

ATTEND events, conferences, summits and workshops!  There are online events like the Australian Homeschooling Summits that I participate in annually, and there are others specifically for various styles of homeschooling, travelling homeschoolers, Christian homeschoolers, and more.  In-person events are less common, but they do exist and are coming back post-covid.

RECORD what you're enjoying and achieving as a homeschooling family.  You'll be surprised at how much you're doing and growing.  You might do this by writing a journal, keeping a blog, or taking photos.

RELAX and enjoy today.  Accept your mistakes, their mistakes, the messes, and the chaos.  Find something about today that made it worthwhile, and be grateful for the wins, however small they may seem amidst the busyness.

If I can help you build confidence with homeschooling, please reach out about a 1:1 session.


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