Resource Review: Home Education Network

homeschool resource reviews Jun 02, 2020

Home Education Network (HEN) is a non-profit organisation providing support and information for home educators, mostly in Victoria (Australia).  Even though I'm not based in Victoria, I've been a member of HEN for many years.  

HEN is a parent support network which offers a vast array of resources, activities and camps within Victoria.  As an interstate member, I have used HEN for information, inspiration for local events, the subscription to the quarterly magazine Otherways (this is a big drawcard for me), other HEN publications, and discounts to resources (like Rosetta Stone membership to learn languages).

Membership starts at AUD$25.

Home Education Network: Mission Statement

As home educators, we believe that children have an innate curiosity to learn and grow and, when given the freedom and support of family and friends, they will have the best opportunity to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to raising self-motivated, broad-minded, confident, competent, independent, passionately alive people. Home education empowers children and young adults to discover their potential, unencumbered by arbitrary authorities, and promotes a love of life-long learning.

Home education provides broad socialisation through networking with a diverse group of people of varying age and social backgrounds. The Home Education Network recognises that true socialisation begins with acceptance and growth within one’s own family, and a naturally widening circle as children grow older. It aims to provide additional social opportunities for home educating families, to encourage mutual support amongst home educating families, access to like-minded people, and support and encouragement to enquiring families.


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